V1.1b, Win x64, 54 MB

Tower Defense in First Person

Path of Enlightenment: Tower Defense is a free, first-person single player Tower Defense game. As the guardian of light it is your duty to protect the artefact from approaching enemies by placing auto-aiming catapults and laser turrets at strategic positions along the enemies path.

Laser Towers, Catapult Towers

Pew pew goes the laser

„Wide range and high damage“ - that‘s how one could summarize the catapult tower. But when it comes to fast, close-range protection, a laser tower might be the better choice.

Going even closer? Fight with your fists!

7 enemy types

Search for the weak spot

Path of Enlightenment: Tower Defense features 7 enemy types, approaching in 12 waves and in numerous combinations. While they all might look like stick figures, each one comes at a different speed and requires its very own tactic (turns out, lots of firing power is a good one).

Tricky map

Attacks - everywhere!

A guardian of lights life is not an easy one. Thus you will have to look for enemies finding their ways on 3 paths. Got your fallback plan ready?

V1.1b, Win x64, 54 MB


This game was built from scratch within the course Computergraphik UE (SS 2013) at the Vienna University of Technology.

Benjamin Grössing (@bindrive)
Georg Ursits (@gursits)

Drop us a note if you enjoyed the game or have some feedback/ideas.